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Just to fill you girls in on more gossip that I have been lately, I’m going to give you another celebrity gossip section this week, too. Read on if you’d like to know what has been going on with celebrities this last week or so.

As many of you probably already know, Angelina Jolie seems to be a fan of getting tattoos. That’s fine, she’s not the only one out there who does. But recently, she displayed brand new tattoos for everyone. They are the longitude and latitude numbers of the location where her newest children were just born. I think that’s kind of cool honestly.

In other news, Janet Jackson has had to postpone some concerts recently because she is sick. All that we really know is that she has come down with a ‘recent illness’. I hope she gets better!

And finally, in Miley Cyrus news, the starlet had her 16th birthday party. She celebrated her birthday at Disneyland. She doesn’t really turn 16 until November 23. I’m not sure why she is having her birthday party so soon before her actual birthday?

She got a new puppy, a totally shut down Disneyland to party in with her friends, and a special concert by her dad at the party. Kind cool, right?

Stay tuned for more gossip.

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